Geography & History

Country Studies
Background Notes
Historical, political, economical & cultural information on many countries from the US Department of State.
CIA World Fact Book
Country Rankings
Country Studies
Description & analysis of countries by the Library of Congress.
Nation Master
One-stop resource for country statistics.
America the Beautiful*
Atlapedia of Countries A to Z
Flags of the World
Geography IQ
Lands and Peoples*
Stately Knowledge: By the Internet Public Library
African American Experience*
Wide variety of information on African American history & culture.
African American Mosiac
America's Heritage: A History of U.S. Immigration - a Reader's Guide
Discover books & films that explore this topic.
America's Historical Documents
Primary sources from the National Archives.
America's Story from America's Library
First Nations History
Greenwood Daily Life & World Cultures Today*
History GVRL Collection*
A fully searchable subcollection of history related reference eBooks.
Issues & Controversies in American History*
Oxford African American Study Center
The United States National Archives
Search primary resources to learn more about our nation's history.
This Day in History by the History Channel
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