Fun Stuff

An online coloring site with an innovative concept. ScrapColoring's colorful and customizable patterns give a very rich variety of choices for kids to develop their artistitic sense and creativity.
Wildlife Film Maker
The National Geographic Wildlife Filmmaker allows kids to make animal movies using short clips of a wide variety of animals.
Preschool & Primary Grades
Berenstain Bears - Learning and Fun
Carlos' Color Book Home
Game Classroom
Groovy Girls
This website is free, but to use it you will need a parent to help you log on with a name, password, and your parent's e-mail address.
Highlights Magazine
Scholastic Family Playground
Sesame Street Central
Sesame Street E-Books
Check out these E-books. Grover will even read a story to you.
Starfall Reading Fun
Upper Elementary Grades
39 Clues Official Web Site
Join Amy and Dan as they begin their hunt for the 39 Clues in Book 1: Maze of Bones, written by New York Times best-selling author Rick Riordan. The high-octane adventures accelerate in Book 2: One False Note, by Gordon Korman, and continue for a total of ten exhilarating books written by well-known authors.
History Mystery
Kids Place Games
Set off to find your friend's hat by answering questions. Each level brings up a new world. Once you arrive, you need to work out what to do by clicking and hoping. Once you've happened upon the right sequence of clicks, someone asks you the questions. Correct answers give you fuel to power your journey. Interesting worlds and music will make the journey more interesting.