Battle of the Books!

What is Battle of the Books?

Battle of the Books is a program designed to promote the sport of reading for upper elementary and middle school age youth. Children form teams and read six selected books as a team. At a final “battle” team compete against each other answering questions based on those selected books. There are two battles, one for 4th and 5th grade teams and another for students in Middle School.


Who can Participate?

All 4-8 graders living in or attending school in Southfield or Lathrup Village may participate. Each team must have at least two student members and one adult team manager.

How to Register

Register for either the 4th and 5th grade Battle of the Books or the Middle School Challenge Battle of the Books by filling out the online form, downloading the 4th & 5th Grade Battle Registration paper form and Middle School Battle Registration paper form to turn in, or completing the registration form in person at the Youth Reference Desk at the Southfield Public Library.

Who is a Team Manager and what do they do?

A team manager is an adult who is responsible for registering the team, attending the Kick-Off Meeting (December 5, 2016) and the update meeting (February 8, 2017). Managers are also tasked with notifying the library of any team changes, and ensuring their team arrives on time for the final battle.

When and Where Are We Meeting?

The 4th/5th Grade Battle is on Tuesday, March 21st at 7:00 p.m. The Middle School Battle is on Wednesday, March 22nd at 7:00 p.m. Both Battles take place at the Southfield Pavilion; please be there by 6:45 p.m.

What Books are We Reading?

We have one list for the 4th and 5th Grade challenge and one for the Middle School Challenge. You can view the 4th and 5th Grade list here and the Middle School List here.

If you’re interested in reading past Battle of the Books selections, take a look at the 4th & 5th Grade list here and the Middle School list here.



Q: When does Registration begin?

A: Registration opens on November 1, 2016 and closes on January 31, 2017. Space is limited so register early!

Q: Does each participant have to read all six books?

A: Nope! That is the beauty of having a team. While the final battle will have questions from all six books, we encourage team members to divvy up the reading. We suggest that each team have at least two members who have read a book.

Q: Where can I get the books?

A: From the Southfield Public Library of course! The library orders many copies of the selected books (as well as audio versions when they are available from publishers). Books are available for 2 week checkouts. You may only checkout two battle books at a time. You are also welcome to purchase the books.

Q: Does the Team Manager have to be a parent?

A: Nope! A Team Manager may be a parent, teacher or other interested adult. There is a Team Manager Meeting on December 5th at 7:00 p.m. for information about Battle of the Books. Click here for details.

Q: How does scoring work?

A: The questioner will give the book title and ask a question from the text. Teams will have 20 seconds to write in the last name of the author and correctly answer the question. Teams that answer both the question and the author correctly will get 5 points; teams that only answer the question correctly will get 4 points; and teams that answer just the author correctly will get 1 point.

Q: What kinds of questions will be asked?

A: Here is a sample question:

“Harry Potter receives a letter by owl post inviting him to attend a new school. What is the name of that school?”

To receive all 5 points your team would need to answer the following: Rowling; Hogwarts.


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