Microsoft Word Class

Introduction to Word Class

Date:  Tuesday, April 15th; Tuesday, May 13th
Time: 10 a.m
Location: First Floor Lab

Students will learn the basics of word processing using Microsoft Word 2007.

Students will enter data, learn basic formatting and copy/paste.

Participants registering for this class should have completed the Basic Skills class or have an equivalent skill level.

Intermediate Class

Date: Not Currently Scheduled

The Intermediate class builds upon the techniques demonstrated in the Basics Class. In order to benefit from the Intermediate class, you should have completed the Basics class.

You must register in person. There is a non-refundable $5.00 charge per class payable in cash at the time of registration. All classes run for approximately two hours. Please see our class brochure, newsletter or call (248) 796-4358 for more information.