Apr 272015

grimmsDate: Wednesday, April 29th
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Meeting Room

We all know Grimms’ fairy tales – or at least we like to think we do. The stories of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, first published in 1812, are cloaked in a romantic myth that reflects our own wishful thinking about the origin of the tales but has actually little to do with reality.

Using examples from the Grimms’ manuscripts and early editions, Wayne State University professor Dr. Donald Haase pulls away the curtain and reveals the truth about the Grimms’ fairy-tale collection and how the stories in it became the famous tales that we know and tell today.

Apr 232015

gadgetsDate: Tuesday, April 28th
Time: 2 p.m.
Location: Auditorium

Puzzled by your phone? Overcome by Overdrive? Tricked by your tablet? Drop in to our gadget help sessions for a bit of one-on-one advice. There will be a 20 minute time limit and help is available for free on a first-come, first-served basis.

Mar 162014

consumerConsumer Reports is a well-known and trusted resource for finding out valuable information when you’re making a purchase — and now we give you access to their online source, ConsumerReports.org!

This handy site features ratings on the things we shop for every day — from microwave ovens to cars to eyeglasses to lawn mowers! Consumer Reports is famous for their straightforward rating system and product comparisons — you’ll come away a more knowledgeable shopper after using this source.  Use your Southfield Library card to use CosumerReports.org from your home or office or directly from within the Library!  Ask a Librarian if you need some assistance.


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